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Tenable Nessus Professional

Vulnerability Scanner Annual Subscription

Nessus® Professional, the industry’s most widely deployed vulnerability assessment solution helps you to reduce your organization’s attack surface and ensure compliance.

Nessus gathers high-speed asset discovery, configuration auditing, target profiling, malware detection, sensitive data discovery and more.

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Nessus Professional Features

  • Detection of viruses, malware, backdoors, botnets, known / unknown processes and web services with links to malicious content.

  • Constantly updated

  • Vulnerability scanning (including IPv4 / IPv6 / hybrid networks)

  • Integration to your existing workflow.

  • Flexible generation of reports.

Nessus supports more technologies and legacy systems that include operating systems, network devices, next generation firewalls, hypervisors, databases, web servers and critical infrastructure for vulnerabilities, threats and compliance violations.

Nessus sets the standard for vulnerability scanning speed and accuracy. With the support of Tenable’s expert vulnerability research team, enhances the world’s largest continuously updated library of vulnerability and configuration checks.


Key Benefits

- Reduce the attack surface: It prevents attacks by identifying vulnerabilities that need to be addressed
- Comprehensive: Nessus meets the widest range of compliance and regulatory standards
- Scalable: Start with a Nessus Professional single user license and move to Nessus Manager or Tenable.io as your vulnerability management needs increase
- Low total cost of ownership (TCO): Complete vulnerability scanning solution for one low cost
- Constantly updated: New content continually added by the Tenable research team Nessus has been deployed by more than one million users across the globe for vulnerability, configuration and compliance assessments


Reporting and Monitoring

- Flexible reporting. Customize reports to sort by vulnerability or host, create an executive summary or compare scan results to highlight changes.
- Native (XML), PDF (requires Java be installed on Nessus server), HTML and CSV formats.
- Targeted email notifications of scan results, remediation recommendations and scan configuration improvements.


Scanning Capabilities

- Discovery. Accurate, high-speed asset discovery.
- Scanning. Vulnerability scanning (including IPv4/IPv6/hybrid networks).
- Network devices. firewalls/routers/switches (Juniper, CheckPoint, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks), printers, storage.
- Un-credentialed vulnerability discovery.
- Credentialed scanning for system hardening and missing patches.
- Meets PCI DSS requirements for internal vulnerability scanning.
- Coverage: Broad asset coverage and profiling Offline configuration auditing of network devices
- Complete Vulnerability Coverage


Software flaws

- Malware & botnets.
Configuration auditing.
Physical, virtual and cloud coverage.


- Databases. Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Informix/DRDA, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.
- Cloud. This software scans the configuration of cloud applications like Salesforce and cloud instances like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace.
- Compliance. It helps meet government, regulatory and corporate requirements.
- Nessus also helps to enforce PCI DSS requirements for secure configuration, system hardening, malware detection, web application scanning and access controls.
- VMware ESX, ESXi, vSphere, vCenter, Microsoft, Hyper-V, Citrix Xen Server.
- Operating systems: Windows, OS X, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, Cisco iOS, IBM iSeries.



- Botnet/malicious, process/anti-virus auditing.
- Detect viruses, malware, backdoors, hosts communicating with botnet-infected systems, known/unknown processes, web services linking to malicious content.

Compliance auditing

- Configuration auditing: CERT, CIS, COBIT/ITIL, DISA STIGs, FDCC, ISO, NIST, NSA, PCI.
- Control Systems Auditing. SCADA systems, embedded devices and ICS applications.
- Sensitive Content Auditing. PII (e.g., credit card numbers, SSNs).


Deployment and Management

- Flexible deployment. Software, hardware, virtual appliance deployed on-premises or in a service provider’s cloud.

Scan options

- Supports both non-credentialed, remote scans and credentialed, local scans for deeper, granular analysis of assets that are online as well as offline or remote.


- Out-of-the-box policies and configuration templates.
- Risk scores. Vulnerability ranking based on CVSS, five severity levels (Critical, High, Medium, Low, Info), customizable severity levels for recasting of risk.
- Prioritization. Correlation with exploit frameworks (Metasploit, Core Impact, Canvas and ExploitHub) and filtering by exploitability and severity.
- Extensible. RESTful API support for integrating Nessus into your existing vulnerability management workflow.


Tenable offers training for those who are new to using Nessus and want to acquire the knowledge and skills to maximize the use of the product, as well as focused topics like compliance auditing for more advanced users. Courses are available on-demand via the Tenable website.


Since 2004 GB Advisors has specialized in the development of integral technical solutions to solve business problems. We are an International Authorized Partner and Re-Seller for Tenable in the American Continent. We currently serve customers in all countries of North America, Central America, south america, Latin America and the Caribbean. Countries like the USA, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela, Caribbean, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Island, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Marteen, St. Kitts, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks & Caicos, Haiti and Puerto Rico.

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